What is a Speaking Circle®?

What's unique about the Speaking Circle® approach?

Whether you have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express yourself with greater clarity, Relational Presence practice at a Speaking Circle® program (whether in person or via Zoom) will guide you in effortless authenticity, any time and anywhere.

Speaking Circle programs transform the way you communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — true attunement between speaker and listeners. Our relationship-based approach gives you the time and gentle attention to discover how to express yourself clearly in your own unique style, without using performance techniques.

A basic Speaking Circle is a facilitated small group that supports the development of Relational Presence to increase your ease and impact when speaking in public. With usually 5 - 10 participants, sessions offer an innovative and natural approach to authentic self-expression: being yourself, speaking without a script, being present with your listeners one person at a time, and receiving appreciative acceptance for who you are.

Then, advanced programs teach practical applications of public speaking presence, such as how to open and structure a masterful talk and facilitate transformational workshops and teleseminars. These programs train you in experiential understanding of how to own, express, and structure your expertise so you can inform, influence, and inspire others to action.

What is Relational Presence?

Relational Presence simply means being available for connection through a neutral gaze without agenda, or even a need for words. It is the pre-condition for communion; just being with others without judgment, demands or expectations.  It is the capacity to be comfortable with whatever situation arises and to respond in the moment, whether losing your train of thought or having an emergency in the room. Once you trust yourself to "think on your feet," stage fright melts away.

The emphasis on being with one person at a time, allowing natural silence, and listening without judgment, relieves the pressure to perform.

What kind of results can I expect?

If you suffer from stage fright, your perspective on "public speaking" may shift dramatically from impossible to very possible. You can quickly move past fear of being the center of attention to discover the gift of receiving support from an audience. It becomes as comfortable and pleasant to speak to a group as to a close friend. Anxiety in front of groups can be masked with technique and exacting preparation, but such attention to performance gets in the way of your natural authenticity with listeners.

If you are experienced speaker, you will find a new level of freshness and spontaneity as you trust yourself to speak from your heart rather than from a tightly scripted speech. You can express yourself with more ease, authenticity, and passion when you learn the key to masterful, magnetic presence. It's natural way to establish a warm connection with any audience. When you are completely genuine, you will inspire and motivate others, and become energized rather than drained by speaking opportunities.

Other benefits include: greater presence, connection and confidence in all areas of life, increased capacity to listen fully and speak authentically, healing through being fully seen and heard, and an opportunity to connect with your unique inner voice, speak from the heart, and listen deeply.